Porto-Novo (Benin), February 20, 2022



AOC Admin Update


AOC Community International,



TOPIC Phase 2 of AOC BEP20 flash sale is live.


Dear valued members, loyal and patient, of AOC Community International ;


Peace and joy of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth upon us.


Thank you and congratulations to you for all that you have always done to bring about the vision of Alpha Omega Coin (AOC) that God has entrusted to us for the effect of His glory and for the happiness of mankind, especially in these times of the end where the satanist centralist world government frantically sets in to glorify satan .


I particularly thank those of you who are fighting through their commitment, referring merchants and credible service providers to the trading platform: , with a view to the entry into the operational phase of this platform in this month of February 2022.


As you know, we launched our AOC ERC 20 crypto token on October 28, 2020. We were in the desert when we launched it with the COACHAMS BTCx2 OPPORT Project. And, by the grace of our Heavenly Father who inspired us, we moved to abundance thanks to the BTCx2 ABUNDANCE Program then to the AOC OVER-ABUNDANCE Program with the opportunities COACHAMS AOC x 2 OPPORT, COACHAMS AOC x 2 ESPECIAL OPPORT, COACHAMS AOC + 50% OPPORT, COACHAMS AOC + 25% OPPORT, …


Responding to the call of the Extra-OVERABUNDANCE Program, while waiting for the Expo-Extra-Overabundance Program in March 2022 with the launch of the AOC TRC20 and/or AOC POLY Token, we have just issued the AOC BEP20 Token of which the audit of the Smart Contract has been made public as you can see here:


And, in the hope that all of you AOC (Co-Visionary Members) CVMs, AOC (Co-Missionary Members) MCMs and AOC (Enlarged Community Members) ECMs who remain active, patient and loyal, will enjoy immensely of this Program of AOC Extra-OVERABUNDANCE, we launched, from February 07 to 11, 2022, a flash sale of AOC BEP20 which you have benefited from.


At the end of this flash sale, many of you wrote to AOC Admin, asking for a new flash sale phase of AOC BEP20 so that you and all other people can fully enjoy it. But this, freely and voluntarily.

Having at heart to lead you in this galaxy of AOC Extra-OVERABUNDANCE, AOC Admin has agreed to hold a second phase of flash sale of AOC BEP20.

This phase 2 of AOC BEP20 flash sale is launched on Sunday February 20, 2022 but, pragmatically, runs from February 21 to 25, 2022.


It breaks down as follows :

Reservation of AOC BEP20 with USDT

Old and new members of AOC Community International can freely and voluntarily take part in this reservation.

As in the previous reservation phase, but for one very last time, any amount of USDT (TRC20 or BEP20) sent to the public keys below is doubled through each of the following sub-phases. But with no bonus.

The AOC BEP20 Token flash sale reservation phase that will follow this phase (in the next week) will not experience any doubling of capital in USDT. But possibly with a bonus on the quantity of AOC BEP20 purchased.

Following are the sub-phases of this reservation of AOC BEP20 with USDT:



Start : Monday, February 21, 2022 at midnight (GMT+1).

End : Friday, February 25, 2022 at midnight (GMT+1).



minimum amount : 50 USDT (TRC20 / BEP20)

Maximum amount : 20000 USDT (TRC20 / BEP20)

NB : The amount varies by leap of 50 USDT. So either it's 50 USDT, 100 USDT, 150 USDT, ...



Whatever the day, the amount of USDT sent is multiplied by 2. Example : 1000 USDT sent therefore become 2000 USDT.

Specificities :

Monday, February 21, 2022 :

-1 USDT gives 500 AOC BEP-20

-Bonus on quantity of AOC purchased: none

Tuesday, February 22, 2022 :

-1 USDT gives 350 AOC BEP-20

-Bonus on quantity of AOC purchased: none

Wednesday, February 23, 2022 :

-1 USDT gives 250 AOC BEP-20

-Bonus on quantity of AOC purchased: none

Thursday, February 24, 2022 :

-1 USDT gives 150 AOC BEP-20

-Bonus on quantity of AOC purchased: none

Friday, February 25, 2022 :

-1 USDT gives 100 AOC BEP-20

-Bonus on quantity of AOC purchased: none



Freely and voluntarily send your USDT (TRC20 / BEP20) to one of the following Public Keys:

TRC20: TZC6DUEpfU4wWUanX6yuf1PTjGb3mgB1qN

BEP20: 0x6ddb216200724957d767278abe225233c3a66733



Keep your proof of transaction (HASH ID) to complete the form for your reservation which will be available on Friday, February 25, 2022.


Welcome to the second phase of the sphere of the AOC EXTRA-OVERABUNDANCE Program.

To still be receiving our updates, kindly subscribe to the following social networks: 







Always forward,

Never back.


ABRAHAM Mankponsè Samuel,


From Porto-Novo,

Republic of Benin,

West Francophone Africa. 

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