Porto-Novo, March 05, 2022



AOC ADMIN update


AOC Community International,


OBJECT : Distinction of the leader DOKPO Evénougnin Amèlée Estere

REASON : Permanently dynamic in monitoring the visibility of the divinely inspired cryptocurrency Alpha Omega Coin (AOC) and ecosystem via social networks


Dear valiant members of AOC Community International,


To all lordall honorthey say.

As described above in OBJECT and REASON , AOC Administration distinguishes, this day Saturday March 05, 2022, the leader DOKPO Evénougnin Amèlée Estere , for the constant dynamics and monitoring she has shown since January 2021 by tirelessly and at regular intervals duplicating information related to AOC via her social accounts, in particular Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp .

Indeed, for those who follow the Co-Abondancière DOKPO Evénougnin Amèlée Estere through her social media, like AOC Admin, they surely have the impression that she almost never failed to duplicate and massively the information made public by AOC Admin. And this, for most cases, a few seconds after their publication by AOC Admin. This has undoubtedly enhanced the visibility of AOC ecosystem. A hundred AOC members as available and dedicated to fighting for the visibility of AOC via social networks as the leader DOKPO Evénougnin Amèlée Estere automatically sent the AOC into orbit. Hence the present distinction which is awarded to her and is worth obtaining the following prizes or gratifications:

1- 250 USDT TRC20 (she receives immediately);

2- 25,000 AOC ERC20 (she will receive after the migration from AOC ERC20 V1 to AOC ERC20 V2 scheduled for this month of March 2022);

3- A monthly broadband wifi subscription with unlimited consumption ( from March 2022 to March 2022) which she receives immediately;

But, the blessed of God DOKPO Evénougnin Amèlée Estere, can she achieve this feat without the approval or permission of her dear husband ? No. No and again no.

This is why, with tons of joy in his heart,  AOC Admin congratulates and sincerely thanks the dear husband of the leader DOKPO Evenougnin Amèlée Estere and beg him to please continue to help her for more results. And, may the blessings of the Heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ of Nazareth, our Lord and our Savior, further crown the couple of DOKPO Evenougnin Amèlée Estere Amen !


The distinguished leader Estère is requested to contact immediately (via whatsapp ) +22953898914 to find out more about the circumstances and the timetable for the receipt of her gratuities.

If she and her husband have no objection, an updated passport photo from her and sent via will allow AOC Admin to publish infographics or a souvenir flyer via all networks social related to AOC.

While congratulating each of the members of the AOC Community International for the efforts made in different ways for the cause of AOC, thanks upon thanks to each of us. Amen!

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Always forward,

Never behind.

With AOC, 

Let's  work together, 

Let's win together, 

And let's be happy together. 

ABRAHAM Mankponsè Samuel,



From Porto-Novo, Capital city of Benin,

Francophone West Africa

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