Porto-Novo, March 03, 2022




Active Members of AOC Community International,


SUBJECT : Call for free and voluntary membership in the Permanent AOC Army

STRATEGY : Recruitment of co-administrators and managers of social networks (Facebook; Youtube; Telegram; Twitter; Linkedin; TikTok; Reddit; …) and volunteer rapporteurs of online and offline sessions

PATTERN : Make AOC ecosystem / galaxy more visible via AOC’s and partner’s social media


Dear Valued Active Members,


Be crowned with all the exploits divinely deployed or inspired in you. Amen!


March 2022, begins the greatest visibility of our dear currency – the divinely inspired cryptocurrency Alpha Omega Coin (AOC), and its ecosystem or its galaxy. This is what the inspiration of God in us has willed.


Yes. As mentioned in our update of March 02, 2022:  , we have at least eleven (11) good challenges to complete in March 2022.

But, even if all this is achieved (thank God it will be), we need to have a Permanent Dynamic AOC Army for the permanent online and offline monitoring and promotion of AOC and related ecosystem.

This is what justifies the PURPOSE STRATEGY and REASON for this article.


Any Active Member of  AOC Community International who can volunteer and is available to sacrifice time, computer equipment and Internet connection, in order to participate in the progressive visibility of AOC and related galaxy, regardless of his/her geographical position, is acceptable.

The original duration of this voluntary commitment is from March to the end of May 2022.


Continuous work time is 6 hours per day or per week. It is freely chosen by the AOC Active Volunteer Member ( AOC AVM) according to the illustration below:

00 am to 06 am GMT+1 )

06 am to 12 pm GMT+1 )

12 p.m. to 6 p.m. GMT+1 )

6 p.m. to 12 a.m. GMT+1 )


Depending on the choice of periods and day(s) of occupation freely and voluntarily expressed, an intimate rotation-agenda will be designed and communicated to those concerned by AOC Administration.


Conditions to be fulfilled :


- Have and absolutely master the advertising/marketing use of at least six (6) of the following (functional) accounts: Whatsapp Telegram Facebook Twitter LinkedIn      TikTok Instagram Reddit and Zoom WhatsApp Telegram, Facebook, Twitter and Zoom being mandatory.

-Have AOC Golden Logo on all the social network accounts mentioned above.

- Have 06 hours per day or per week for the online promotion of AOC

- Have referred at least two (2) merchants and two (2) service providers to the platform:

 - Subscribe to all the following social networks:





















Tasks to be completed

During March-End of May 2022 :

- Be available to deal freely and voluntarily with the duplication of AOC updates or prospecting tools, for at least a 6-hour period per day or per week, via your own social networks and those of AOC and/or partners.

- Accept to play freely and voluntarily the role of Administrator, Co-Administrator, Publisher or Manager of social networks within AOC Community International.


- Accept freely and voluntarily play the role of Special on Ground Missionary (SGM) of  AOC Administration during face-to-face activities .

- Expand the AOC Community International day by day with new members


- Regularly participate in Zoom conferences

- Boost your AOC Atom-Network




Fill the following pre-registration form.



From Marc 4th to March 6th, 2022

Thank you for contributing to the visibility of AOC.


 To still be receiving Alpha Omega Coin updates, kindly subscribe to the following social networks:


1-TELEGRAM :     






Always forward,

Never behind.

With AOC, 

Let's  work together, 

Let's win together, 

And let's be happy together. 

ABRAHAM Mankponsè Samuel,



From Porto-Novo, Capital city of Benin,

Francophone West Africa

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