Porto-Novo, March 02, 2022


AOC ADMIN update


AOC Community International,


Dear Valued Members of AOC Community International,


While congratulating you for your various efforts thus far towards the outreach of the divinely inspired cryptocurrency Alpha Omega Coin (AOC), we, the members of AOC Administration, would like to enlighten you on the following:




In order for each member of the AOC Community International to enjoy the fruits of their expectations regarding  AOC, AOC Administration sets themselves the following challenges in March 2022:

- Publication of the Primitive White Paper (PWP) of Alpha Omega Coin (AOC) project;

- Publication of the Partial Roadmap (PRM) 2022 of the AOC;

- Launch of the smart platform (substitute or additive of ), with advanced functionalities and security features, which will be intended for:

3.1 the migration of the AOC ERC20 V1 token to the AOC ERC20 V2 token;

3.2 the series of semi-public and public sales of the tokens AOC BEP20, AOC TRC20, AOC POLY, etc .;

 3.3 the distribution with the Progressive Anti-Manipulation Strategy (PAMS) of AOC BEP20 Token based on a Smart Contract with extraordinary features;

3.4 locking AOC tokens (ERC20; BEP20; TRC20; POLY;) allocated to holistic gospel, charities, AOC galaxy/ecosystem development, …;

3.5 online support ;

3.6 mass email and SMS campaigns;


4- Listing of AOC tokens (ERC20; BEP 20;… ) on market capitalization platforms: COINMARKET and COINGECKO.

5- Promotion of AOC Tokens and related projects via the most influential social networks and communities in the world of crypto-currencies;

6- Automation of the various operating systems related to AOC;

7- Activation of AOC ERC20 merchant API on Coinpayment ;

8- First orders of goods (vehicles; motorcycles; laptops; …) and services with AOC ERC20 on:

9- Setting up and permanent revitalization of AOC Army with a view to the permanent targeted boosting of AOC;

10- Launch of Official Telegram groups (Francophone and Anglophone) of AOC;

11- In order to get easy access to US-based cryptocurency and Blockchain companies and therefore satisfy our members who, till today, cannot trade AOC on our current crypto-trading exchanges partners, we are shortly and by the grace of God getting officially registered in US. 


Dear brave AOC partners,

We have always taken the opposite view of what is usually done in the world of crypto-currencies. Yes: By divine inspiration in us, instead of starting with, we chose to end with:

- our entry into COINMARKET CAP, COINGECKO, etc .;

- our promotion within influential cryptocurrency communities and social networks;

-the publication of our white paper and our partial roadmap;

-a very professional platform;


Meanwhile, unlike other crypto-communities which are only made up of crypto-speculators and crypto-manipulators, to the point we have reached, we have already managed to build a Community of Internal Members who, in the thousands, share and support the vision of AOC. They are mostly AOC PLMs (AOC Patient and Loyal Members).


This is what, in addition to our Smart Contracts which, for the first time in the history of crypto-currencies, and for the benefit of the Community, prevent market manipulation, reassures us of a very bright future. Of course it is: we had to take all the time necessary to build the foundation on the rock before erecting the walls. And finally, here we are.

Yes; Here we are. Except those who only see the evolutionary stages of AOC with a carnal eye cannot understand AOC. You're spiritual, that's why you believe it.


As for the crypto-pseudo experts, whom I personally call crypto-toddlers or crypto-babies, who opine that we must necessarily start where everyone else begins, and who, through ignorance or naivety, have taken all their precious time to call us scammers or crooks at the same time as they call our very expensive AOC currency pebbles, it's time for them to change their minds. Otherwise, the logic of AOC will escape them forever. Now, if they attack you again, tell them: Live long. Because, who lives will see. Stop trying to say anything more.


May in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, all the points previously mentioned be concretized in this month of March 2022. Amen!!!!!!!


Thank you for everything and God bless us. Amen!


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Always forward,

Never behind.

With AOC, 

Let's  work together, 

Let's win together, 

And let's be happy together. 

ABRAHAM Mankponsè Samuel,



From Porto-Novo, Capital city of Benin,

Francophone West Africa

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