Tuesday March, 1st  2022


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AOC Community International,


       TOPIC : Phase 3 flash sale AOC BEP20 is live


      Dear Valuable Members of AOC Community International,


The peace and joy of God, through the only Lord and Savior of mankind, abides in every human life on earth. Amen!


As you know, our second crypto token (AOC BEP20) is deployed on the Binance Blockchain . Link to find out more:


And, while waiting for the public sale of the AOC BEP20 Token which, by the grace of God, will take place between March 15 and 31, 2022, a series of flash sales will have prevailed.

To learn more about the first two phases of the AOC BEP20 token flash sale, please click on the following links:

Stage 1 : Completed

-AOC BEP20 reservation by grace:

-AOC BEP20 reservation by surgrace :

Phase 2 (Completed):


As for phase 3 of  AOC BEP20 flash sale , it takes place on the following dates:

Tuesday, March 1 2022 ( beginning )

Wednesday, March 02, 2022 (end).


Here are the main details:


AOC BEP20 reservation with USDT

(Without USDT capital doubling)


Start: 6 p.m. GMT+1 )

End :     8 p.m. GMT+1 )

Means of purchase: USDT TRC20 or BEP20 )

Minimum amount: 50 USDT

Maximum amount: 20000 USDT

USDT-AOC equivalence: 1 USDT gives 500 AOC BEP20

Bonus on quantity of AOC BEP20 reserved: 50%


USDT public keys receiving your booking fee:

TRC20 TZC6DUEpfU4wWUanX6yuf1PTjGb3mgB1qN

BEP20 0x6ddb216200724957d767278abe225233c3a66733



-After sending  your USDT, be sure to fill the following form before 11pm (GMT+1) today March 1st, 2022. Or, you are more going to do it later. Likn to the form to fill :  Form about AOC BEP20 Flash Sale phase 3 to fill.



Reservation of AOC BEP20 with AOC ERC20

(Without AOC ERC20 capital doubling)


Start: 6 p.m. GMT+1 )

End: 7 p.m. GMT+1 )

Means of purchase: AOC ERC20

Minimum amount: 100 AOC ERC20

Maximum amount: 250,000 AOC ERC20

Equivalence AOC ERC20 - AOC BEP20: 10 AOC ERC 20 gives 500 AOC BEP20

Bonus on quantity of AOC BEP20 reserved: 50%


AOC ERC 20 public key receiving your booking fees: 0xFf52cE98aaB061023bc552aad9Fc60497fd17b6c



-AOC ERC20 purchased before February 11, 2022 are not convertible into AOC BEP20 in the current AOC BEP20 flash sale phase.

- After sending (and directly from Coinsbit ) your AOC ERC20 to the AOC ERC20 public key: 0xFf52cE98aaB061023bc552aad9Fc60497fd17b6c please complete (and without error) the following form: Form about AOC BEP20 Flash Sale phase 3 to fill


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Always forward,

Never behind.

With AOC, 

Let's  work together, 

Let's win together, 

And let's be happy together. 

ABRAHAM Mankponsè Samuel,



From Porto-Novo, Capital city of Benin,

Francophone West Africa

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