Porto-Novo, February 07, 2022


AOC Admin Update


AOC Community International,

TOPIC  By grace reservation of AOC BEP20 Token

AOC Co-Visionary Members ( AOC MCVs), AOC Co-Missionary Members (AOC CMM) and AOC Enlarged Community Members (AOC ECMs) who have participated in the AOC OVER ABUNDANCE PROGRAM,


The general public sale of AOC BEP20 Token will take place, by the grace of God, in the month of March 2022.


Before this time, AOC Administration organizes a private sale of AOC BEP20 in your favor.

On occasion, a special grace is granted to you: Although your participation in the AOC OVERABUNDANCE PROGRAM has not yet fully matured, and since AOC BEP20 will go public by the grace of God in March 2022, i.e. before the upon reaching maturity of your participation in the AOC OVERABUNDANCE PROGRAM, which will penalize you,  AOC Admin allows you to gracefully reserve/purchase AOC BEP20 Tokens with AOC ERC20.


To do so, here's how :

-Consider that you have already received the capital of AOC ERC20 that you sent to the AOC OVER ABUNDANCE WALLET + the related bonus. And this, according to the opportunity in which you participated.

For example : If you participated in COACHAMS AOCx2 OPPORT, and you sent 1000 AOC ERC20 to the AOC OVER ABUNDANCE WALLET, the bonus in six (6) months is 1000 AOC ERC20. So to reserve your AOC BEP20 by grace, you consider the accumulation of your capital (1000 AOC ERC20) + the related bonus (1000 AOC ERC20). Which gives 2000 AOC ERC20.

-Deduct 90% or 95% of the previous total

- Multiply the previous result by 10. This is the amount of AOC BEP20 to which you are entitled via the reservation by grace of AOC BEP20



-If you participated as a group in the AOC ERC20 ABUNDANCE PROGRAM in February-March 2022, and your team leader sent the collective AOC quantity to the OVER  ABUNDANCE WALLET, consider as received double the amount of 'AOC is rightfully yours.

Example : You are five (5) people to make up your team. You have purchased a total of 100,000 AOC ERC20 your team leader has sent to the AOC ERC20 OVER ABUNDANCE WALLET.

By wanting to reserve your AOC BEP20 by grace, the 100,000 AOC ERC20 become 200,000 AOC ERC20.

200,000 AOC ERC20: 5 = 40,000 AOC ERC20.

Each of you five (5) therefore adds 40,000 AOC ERC20 to the amount of AOC he would have sent to the overabundance wallet to proceed with the reservation by grace following the above procedure.

- AOC ERC20 purchased (especially by ECMs) after February 10, 2022 cannot be converted into AOC BEP20 with the formula: 1 AOC ERC20 = 10 AOC BEP20. It will be less.

- The reservation deadline by grace of AOC BEP20 goes from Monday 07 to Sunday 13 February 2022 at 00h (GMT+1).

- The period for the distribution of AOC BEP20 reserved or purchased later will be (as announced since the end of 2021) progressively at a progressive percentage in order to avoid excess liquidity and selling off on the market. A Smart Contract will be responsible for this distribution.

- AOC CVMs, CMMs and ECMs who had refused to participate in the AOC ERC20 OVER ABUNDANCE  PROGRAM, by flooding and manipulating the AOC ERC20 market with their AOC ERC20 holdings, thus fighting against the rising value of the AOC ERC20 Token, are systematically   excluded from this opportunity and those that will follow. The same goes for AOC CVMs or AOC CMMs who, after January 1 2022, have requested and received their AOC ERC20 (capital + bonus) within the framework of COACHAMS AOCx2 OPPORT. They are now part of the AOC External Community or Community of Non-Patient and Non-Loyal Members (CNPNLMs).

- The reservation by grace of your AOC BEP20 will be done via the Google form which will be available tomorrow Tuesday, February 08, 2022.


Welcome to the AOC Extra-Overabundance Sphere.

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Always forward,

Never behind.

With AOC, 

Let's  work together, 

Let's win together, 

And let's be happy together. 

ABRAHAM Mankponsè Samuel,



From Porto-Novo, Capital city of Benin,

Francophone West Africa

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