Pourquoi choisi l'AOC maintenant ?


AOC stands for Alpha Omega Coin. In other words, call it GVC and in long God Virtual Coin.

Divinely inspired, it is intended to preserve humanity and in particular the true worshipers of God against the catastrophes of the sign 666, the sign of the antichrist, which is nothing else but a powerful global and global powerful economic system without which, to the glory of satan, one cannot buy, nor sell, nor do anything. Centralized system which to operate as a unique worldwide government. The one which is already gradually and fastly being put in place with ICTs and relating political decisions under the name of New World Order, the order of satan opposite to God’s one.


Jesus Christ’s follows are the first target users of AOC. Then follows any person who , despite the fact that not being so, is or wills to become a person aiming to follow God’s principles by sharing divine love the world over, while contributing to and enjoying the building of the Powerful AOC Global Community and Ecosystem which is 100% focused on individual and collective self-determination global economic system which is opposite to the one of the world government which is satan-oriented.

So to say, non Christians can willingly and without any obligation use AOC as means of exchange and enjoy all related features, but just for God’s will-centered actions among people worldwide and never the opposite.


  1. On the financial, material and economic level, the deliberate or forced misinterpretation of the Word of God, recently since the advent of the European settlers who intentionally badly taught and misinterpreted the Bible for the purposes of colonizing and plundering economically the Black peoples and others, keeps on financially and materially impoverishing many people, especially those who claim to be disciples of Jesus Christ. And, although ambassadors of the living God, the Father of all visible and invisible riches (Haggai 2: 8), these people, throughout their earthly life, since they demonize all financial and material wealth in all circumstances, and because they prefer least to most or division to multiplication, whereas Jesus Christ, the only Lord and Savior of mankind, restored them and gave them abundant life (John 10 Verse 10) , live perpetually, unnecessarily and against the will of God, a life of lack, scarcity, calamities, begging, ...What affects too many times and negatively their Faith, also imbalances them spiritually and forces them to face sufferings not inscribed in their divine plan.
  2. From the previous problem, and apart from the moments of trials (coming from God) or temptations / oppressions (coming from satan) which usually characterize the life of all the children of God, many people claiming to be from God but systematically demonizing financial and material abundance, through ignorance, naivety, neglect or lack of knowledge (Hosea 4: 6), from time to time or their each life long, face the following calamities:
    1. Permanent or chronic lack of financial, material, family, marital, social, ..., and intellectual stability;
    2. Permanent or chronic inability to provide financial, material and economic assistance to the authentic Gospel preachers (individuals or groups), to others or to contribute economically to the well-being of humanity, including in particular the poor (orphans; widows; disabled; prisoners; ...). Worse, conversely, permanent socio-economic dependence on natural or non Christian persons;
    3. Hatred, jealousy and lust of one against another;
    4. Shifting into satanic spiritual practices with a temporary salvation effect, a cause of occasional repentance or not;
    5. An unfulfilled / unbalanced life causing unfulfilled, unstable or unbalanced Christian ministry, sometimes involving the commercialization of the Gospel through for example the imposition of non-obligatory but volontary biblical observances in the time of grace (Example: the tithe), the false miracles, the embezzlement of social funds or funds intended for an affiliated Christian organisation;
    6. ...;
  3. Another problem to be solved nowadays within the global Christian community is the systematic demonization of artificial intelligence and its derivatives. While, contradictorily, for personal or evangelical purposes, they use many derivatives of artificial intelligence such as the digital Christian Bible, social networks (Facebook: Youtube; Twitter; Whasapp; Telegram; ...) and many others. It will therefore be necessary to put in a permanent reformatting mechanism that can allow them to become practitioners of positive artificial intelligence to the glory of God and for the happiness of humanity.
  4. The direct drawback of all the previous described issues is that the world economy is almost 100% ruled by the non Christians who, despite their being minority, are always manipulating and enslaving the most large community worldwide through centuries.
  5. As a concluding issue, there lies too the ignorance of Christian people which forces them and most of manking undergo the evil plan including the New World Order and all related massive elimination program such as COVID-19.


To enjoy your AOC Tokens, apart from trading and swaping it on exchanges, you will be progressively and globally paying services and goods with it through its native ecosystem and its ultimate business partners.


By implementing the AOC project, we globally and specifically aim to build a global private community whose goals are :

Global goals :

  1. Sensitizing and reformating the rest of humanity and especially of Christendom to the awakening of Christian consciences asleep by the gospel of economic poverty as a sine qua non for access to the Kingdom of God, the gospel which has pillaged for centuries in Christian communities as a Western colonial gospel;
  2. Working towards the gradual establishment of the private community opposed to the economy of the antichrist, community whose economic system is planetary, but 100% decentralized and not subject to the new world order, the order of satan.

Specific goals :

  1. Educating humanity including in particular the body of Jesus Christ against the systematic satanization of all material fortunes which is observed within Christendom, and against (thereby) the gospel of poverty whose essence is adoption of chronic material poverty exposing them to unnecessary and disorienting suffering as a sine qua nun condition of access to eternal life.
  2. Educating, at the same time, the materialist Christian community against the satantically inspired gospel of prosperity which has for main objectives the exponentially massive accumulation of master money (= mamon), permanent material enrichment at any cost and total absence of suffering, as a sine qua nun condition to precede the status of a true child of God.
  3. Funding the non-violent promotion of the pure Gospel all over the world, in particular through the strategy of Families-and-Quarters Christian Assemblies, in order to win many souls for the Kingdom of God.
  4. Inventing a sophisticated evangelical technology exclusively dedicated to the glory of God.
  5. Equiping the body of Christ to have and energize an economic system allowing them to avoid voluntary begging and to also participate and actively, individually and collectively, in the economic and material well-being of humanity.
  6. Leading the Christian community , in a word, to suitably and biblically combine spiritual wealth and material fortune in order to better proclaim and better practice the true Gospel.